Aeromar Airlines Select Spidertracks as Fleet Management System

Spidertracks has been selected by Mexico's most experienced airline, Aeromar as the sole provider of real-time fleet tracking and emergency management services.

The deal will see Aeromar's entire fleet fitted with Spidertracks' new Spider 7 and provides real-time situational awareness, an emergency management framework, and text communications to and from the cockpit from anywhere in the world.

The Spider 7, the latest release from Spidertracks sends real-time flight data such as airspeed, heading, altitude, latitude/longitude, and OOOI-type messages securely through the Iridium satellite network. The Spider 7 also features an external antenna input allowing the device to be discretely mounted out of sight and no longer under the glare shield.

Operating an average of 100 flights daily to 27 destinations on their domestic and international scheduled services as well as charter passenger and cargo flights, Aeromar are set to become the largest operator of Spider 7s in North America. 

About Spidertracks

Spidertracks is a New Zealand-based company that specializes in satellite-based real-time aircraft tracking. The company has changed the face of the tracking environment through the introduction of their portable and cost-effective tracking devices known as “Spiders."

The Spider is a lightweight, compact, fully portable device weighing only 5.5 oz (160g) that integrates all the necessary tracking and safety components inside a single compact box. This data is then displayed by spidertracks on web-based and mobile applications.

Spidertracks' mission is to increase the safety and operational efficiency of aviation businesses and their people. Through the development of creative and intuitive products Spidertracks delight their customers.

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