Maverick Helicopters Selects Spidertracks Safety Management System

Las Vegas tour operator Maverick Helicopters have chosen Spidertracks for smarter aircraft and safety management.

Maverick's Vice President of Maintenance John Mandernach says after a detailed review of their fleet safety requirements and what the market had on offer the decision to go with Spidertracks made perfect sense.

“Maverick has the top safety record of any tourism-based aviation company in the world, so it was vital that our safety management provider was compatible with our safety culture. Spidertracks meets our expectations and commitment to system safety in all areas of our day to day operations. Knowing that if our people had a problem, we'd know about it right away no matter where they are, is basic safety management.

Maverick Helicopter at Sunset

"We are very pleased with the support provided by Spidertracks during this transition along with the ease of install, ease of use and savings realized," says John.

Spidertracks' CEO, Dave Blackwell says Maverick's feedback is very pleasing and speaks directly to the value that Spidertracks delivers for their customers, particularly within the helicopter tour sector where Spidertracks is ubiquitous.

"We're truly excited for Maverick to be joining the Spidertracks community of tour operators in the Las Vegas area and look forward to providing them with enhanced asset and safety management capabilities. The helicopter tour industry is both a competitive environment and one with a high public profile; an incident with any single operator can affect everyone in the industry collectively. It's great to see helicopter tour operators the world over using Spidertracks, which adds that extra layer of safety and confidence."

“Now 10 years old, Spidertracks is fast evolving with the technologies available and with the requirements of the industry, but the fundamental driver of our success remains - a delightfully simple product philosophy and an outstanding team of people that take it to the world with their hearts and souls."

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