23 May 01:03 PM

Kiwi Pilots Tackle Their Toughest Flight Yet

Three Kiwis are set to enter an elite club this week as they each pilot a hand-built single-engine aircraft all the way from New Zealand to Australia and back.

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11 May 08:00 AM

New Scholarship Makes Alaskan Pilots Safer Than Ever

After a twenty-year hiatus, Alaskan pilot Tom Vitt is back in the air — and this time, he's safer than ever.

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30 Apr 06:05 AM

Spidertracks and Alaska eSRS: Committed to the Alaskan Aviation Community

A new Alaska Flight Service program called Enhanced Special Reporting Service (eSRS) is paving the way for the United States’ first integration between traditional and next-generation Spidertracks flight management systems.

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29 Mar 09:13 AM

Helicopter Companies Select Spidertracks

Louisville, KY - Real-time aircraft tracking specialists Spidertracks have been selected by Redding Air Service, Island Express Helicopters, and Guardian Helicopters USA to provide a full-suite fleet tracking service for their 18 helicopters at Heli Expo in Kentucky. The new fleets have come onboard just one day after four new features were announced and include the new fleet tracking, emergency management services, operational messaging, and Virtual FDR options.

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03 Mar 12:43 PM

More Than Just Real-Time Aircraft Tracking

Spidertracks, the world’s leading aircraft tracking provider, are set to shake things up next week with their announcement of four new features at HAI Heli-Expo in Kentucky. The new features are centered on delivering more data to the operator in a more useful and meaningful way to optimize their business. Benefits include enhanced safety management capabilities, some basic flight data monitoring, operational messaging, and the ability to better utilise resources and ultimately put dollars...

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09 Feb 07:36 AM

Aeromar Airlines Select Spidertracks as Fleet Management System

Spidertracks has been selected by Mexico's most experienced airline, Aeromar as the sole provider of real-time fleet tracking and emergency management services.

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27 Jan 11:22 AM

7 Things Every Pilot Should Consider When Flying Cross-Country

Flying cross-country can be a pretty daunting experience, especially in busy airspace areas – but with the right planning and preparation, anyone can do it.

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28 Dec 10:58 AM

Navigating The Trickiest Airspace In America

The airspace surrounding Washington DC is some of the trickiest airspace in the United States. Multiple layers of secure airspace around the US capital and a number of Class B primary airports within within the area set up after 9/11, make the area daunting for most pilots.

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22 Dec 04:57 PM

Do You Have a Heated Windshield?

Before the Spider 7, operators of aircraft with electrically heated windshields have had three options when it comes to flight tracking, although only one of them provides an actual solution.

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08 Dec 07:48 AM

Spiders On Patrol Over Africa

High temperatures and low flying are all part of the job for African Parks, a Spidertracks customer and not for profit organisation that manages ten wildlife parks in seven African countries and protects an area of over six million hectares. The African Parks’ fleet of nine aircraft are always in high demand, from avoiding bandits and rebels in the Central African Republic to transporting an injured gorilla in the back of a helicopter in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

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