08 Nov 02:43 PM

The Value of Person-to-Person Communication: Increase Efficiency and Minimise Losses with Spidertxt 2.0

The ability to adapt on the fly is important in just about any job — but in aviation, flexibility and adaptability present some particular challenges. When your plans change while you or one of your pilots is in the air, it takes a real toll on your efficiency as an aviation operation and can end up costing you thousands of dollars a year.

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01 Nov 01:59 PM

The Power of Connection During Hurricane Relief: How the Royal Cayman Islands Police Service Used Spidertracks in the Aftermath of Irma

On September 6, 2017, Hurricane Irma hit the Caribbean’s Leeward Islands with winds of up to 185 miles per hour — becoming the first Category 5 storm in recorded history to strike the region. Irma left Puerto Rico almost entirely without power; dropped 15 inches of rain on the Dominican Republic and northern Haiti; and rendered Barbuda ‘barely habitable,’ in the words of the island’s Prime Minister.

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25 Oct 01:45 PM

Introduction to Flight Tracking

Imagine a world where you have full visibility over your aviation business. We’re not just talking about knowing where your aircraft are now — we’re talking about having access to a complete, in-depth record of where they were yesterday or months ago.

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18 Oct 04:05 PM

From Australasia to Africa: Meet the New Members of the Spidertracks Team

We genuinely believe that the most important part of what we do here at Spidertracks is the people. We’ve got 27 employees across five countries, each committed to making aviation safer and to solving problems for our customers. To better serve our Spidertracks clientele, we’ve added six new members to our team, based in Africa, Australasia, Canada, and the United States — and we thought it’d be a good idea to introduce them to the world.

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12 Oct 07:00 AM

Spidertracks and Aeronet Unveil First Automated Maintenance Tracking Service at NBAA

New Zealand-based aircraft tracking and management specialists Spidertracks and leading cloud-based aviation software company Aeronet have today announced the industry’s first automated maintenance tracking solution at NBAA in Las Vegas.

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11 Oct 02:44 PM

How Spider Events and Maintenance Tracking Can Save You Time and Money

If you’ve been in aviation for any length of time, you know that maintenance tracking has always involved tons of manual work. Because there’s never been an automated alternative, operators have historically been saddled with the admin associated with spreadsheets and pen-and-paper.

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04 Oct 12:23 PM

Maintenance Tracking a Productivity and Safety Boon For Synergy Aviation

Synergy Aviation is a flight training, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, and pipeline surveillance operation based in Alberta, Canada. Founded several years ago with just a couple of aircraft, Synergy has been a Spidertracks customer since 2015 and has seen impressive growth since its establishment.

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27 Sep 02:53 PM

Automated Maintenance Tracking: All About Our Game-Changing New Feature

Maintenance tracking in aviation has always been a headache. For years, the maintenance-control status quo has involved mounds of paperwork; out-of-date systems and clunky processes; and not always knowing whether or not your aircraft are ready to fly at any given time.

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20 Sep 01:46 PM

Introducing Spider Events

In the decade since our inception in 2007, Spidertracks has built our name and success on putting customers first and solving their problems in simple yet innovative ways. Driven by the evolving needs of the industry and of aircraft operators, we’ve taken our original groundbreaking product through a number of improvements (we’re now on the Spider 8) by honing in on the customer experience as the lifeblood of our business.

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06 Sep 01:34 PM

3 Things You Need to Do to Get Ready This Fire Season

Flying on fire missions poses inherent dangers, and it’s absolutely essential to ensure your aircraft is ready for anything you might face. To help you get ready and stay safe, we’ve put together a quick post outlining three important things you need to do before you head off.

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