Automated Maintenance Tracking: All About Our Game-Changing New Feature

Sep 27, 2017

Maintenance tracking in aviation has always been a headache. For years, the maintenance-control status quo has involved mounds of paperwork; out-of-date systems and clunky processes; and not always knowing whether or not your aircraft are ready to fly at any given time.

Tracking your fleet’s hours using a spreadsheet or pen and paper is wildly inefficient, and manually entering that data into your overpriced and over-complex legacy system involves time delays and is difficult to centralise.

To solve these problems, we decided to automate the maintenance tracking process with the help of fleet management solution Aeronet.

Our new service, aptly named Maintenance Tracking, uses aircraft data from your Spider and integrates directly with Aeronet’s API. It takes all of the admin out of what was once tedious and time-consuming and puts that time and effort back into the hands of operators, allowing them to focus on maximising productivity and growing their businesses.

For a fixed-wing aircraft, it couldn’t be simpler. You sign up for Maintenance Tracking, and then your Spider automatically logs your events and collects your maintenance hours, making the information available in the Maintenance Tracking section of your account.

To use Maintenance Tracking in a rotary-wing aircraft, you need a Spider 8. Through the Universal Aircraft Interface (UAI), the Spider connects to your helicopter’s collective and then detects takeoff based on whether your collective is up or down.

By using Maintenance Tracking to automate your flight logging, you’re giving yourself complete confidence that your records are up-to-date — and you’re upgrading to a first-of-its-kind system that makes your data more accessible and your operations more mobile.

The program is simple to use — meaning you can start tracking maintenance hours right away — and it gives you access to full templates and advice from a global community of maintenance leaders dedicated to keeping aircraft flying safely.

No more wasting time and productivity with clunky processes: Maintenance Tracking is the modern aviation operator’s solution to maintenance control.

To get started and see firsthand what Maintenance Tracking can do for your business, click the button below.



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