Yellowhead helicopters use spidertracks to improve fleet visibility

Based in British Columbia, Yellowhead Helicopters is a charter company whose services range from mineral exploration to heli-skiing, firefighting and oil and gas work. Their fleet of 35 aircraft operate Canada-wide, and have supported the forestry,…

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What are the communication technology options for your aviation business?

Reliable communication is an essential feature of aviation safety and operational efficiency - our eBook looks at the options available

When it comes to aviation communication, radio has been the standard. However at the recent Aero Friedrichshafen…

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Spidertracks Customer Spotlight: OGL Engineering, Canada

Since its founding in 1980, Calgary-based OGL Engineering has undergone a number of name changes to reflect their expansions and evolutions. From the original ‘Orthoshop’ moniker to Orthoshop Geomatics to the current OGL Engineering, the Canadian…

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Spidertracks Customer Spotlight: Cor Roest, Private Pilot in Kenya

We talk a lot about how Spidertracks’ real - time tracking and communication features  can improve your operational efficiency and help your aviation business reach its full  potential  —  but in this blog, we want to highlight how the…

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Spidertracks Customer Spotlight: Acher Aviation, South Africa

Headquartered on South Africa’s east coast, helicopter company Acher Aviation has been in operation for 13 years. After getting their start by providing round-the-clock marine pilot transfers to vessels passing through the country’s ports, Acher has…

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Spidertracks Customer Spotlight: Jim Henderson, Private Pilot in Africa

Private pilot Jim Henderson has been traversing the skies for more than two decades, most recently flying in his Cherokee Six over remote and uninhabited areas in Africa. A Spidertracks customer for nearly seven years, Jim uses our accurate,…

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How Can Your Aviation Business Improve Communications with Those Who Matter Most?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘communication is key’ — and even though it’s most frequently associated with relationships, it’s hugely important for the overall success of your aviation business as well. 

Communication hinges on shared understanding, or…

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Spidertracks and Youth Pilot Safety: YGNZ Prize Winner Josh Ferguson on His Future in Aviation

The end of each year in New Zealand sees young glider pilots, experienced instructors, and gliding enthusiasts come together in the South Island town of Omarama (widely recognised as one of the world’s top gliding locations) for the Youth Soaring…

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Bringing Clarity to Flight Operations: A Rundown of Spidertracks’ VFR/IFR Charts Feature

When it comes to a product like Spidertracks, one of the biggest value-adding elements is the ecosystem in which that product operates. We’re talking not just the hardware and software themselves, but the added features that provide a comprehensive…

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Dave Blackwell: Reflecting on 12 years of Spidertracks

How Tragedy Led to Breakthrough Aircraft Tracking Technology that Revolutionised an Industry

I was up bright and early on February 20. It was Spidertracks’ 12th birthday, the day was breaking, and I was keen to get up, grab a cup of coffee, and see…

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