Spidertracks and Aeronet Unveil First Automated Maintenance Tracking Service at NBAA

Oct 12, 2017

New Zealand-based aircraft tracking and management specialists Spidertracks and leading cloud-based aviation software company Aeronet have today announced the industry’s first automated maintenance tracking solution at NBAA in Las Vegas.

The product automatically feeds flight details and events from Spidertracks into Aeronet’s state-of-the-art maintenance tracking platform to address the time-consuming, time-wasting, frustrating, and clunky status quo of spreadsheets and pen-and-paper.

Spidertracks’ Chief Marketing Officer Todd O’Hara says that allowing Spider Events and Maintenance Tracking to automate this area of customers’ operations means they have one less moving part to keep tabs on.

“Our recently launched feature Spider Events harnesses the power of the cloud to bring you automated third-party integrations such as Maintenance Tracking, a service that automatically logs your events and collects your maintenance hours.

“For most operators, the data is already there. It was just a case of finding what else we were able to do with it that would provide more value to our customers.

Where previously you were managing this time-consuming task manually, we now do all the work for you — putting valuable hours and resources back into your schedule,” says O’Hara.

Spidertracks’ CEO Dave Blackwell adds that this product is another milestone in the journey towards providing a broader range of services for customers and that it marks the start of a new, simpler way for operators to manage their fleet maintenance.

“For many years now, we’ve enabled our customers greater operational control, safety management, and process efficiencies through our tracking and communication products, but there’s been an increasing desire from the market for us to leverage this data and to provide even more value for their businesses.

“We see a lot of examples where aircraft operators are having to work in disparate systems and duplicate data entry in an effort to get the job done. What we’re doing here is automating these work flows and integrating systems to provide greater efficiency and more reliable data, which will ultimately deliver significant cost savings.”


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