Maintenance Tracking a Productivity and Safety Boon For Synergy Aviation

Oct 04, 2017

Synergy Aviation is a flight training, aircraft charter, aircraft maintenance, and pipeline surveillance operation based in Alberta, Canada. Founded several years ago with just a couple of aircraft, Synergy has been a Spidertracks customer since 2015 and has seen impressive growth since its establishment.

But throughout that growth, maintenance tracking for their aircraft became increasingly difficult. The traditionally manual task was creating headaches for Synergy left and right — wasting time, causing delays, and limiting further growth.

They knew they needed a more efficient solution in order to continue to scale their business. The answer? Spidertracks’ and Aeronet’s new automated service: Maintenance Tracking.

Maintenance Tracking is a revolutionary innovation in the aviation industry. It uses aircraft data from your Spider and integrates directly with Aeronet’s API — completely eliminating the time-consuming manual work and admin historically associated with this routine task and giving those valuable hours back to operators so they can focus on what really matters in their businesses.

“With Maintenance Tracking, we can actually perform maintenance ‘live' and not have to worry about out-of-date check sheets or the lag induced by transcribing from paper,” says Synergy Director of Maintenance Marc Hanatschek. “This is the only software I’ve found that works for helicopter operations where maintenance is regularly performed in the field.”

Since switching to automated Maintenance Tracking, Synergy has been able to revitalize their growth without increasing administrative staff and costs. They’ve been able to streamline their operations through Spidertracks and Aeronet, tailoring an inexpensive flight and maintenance tracking solution for their particular business while saving time and increasing overall safety.

“We love working with the Spidertracks team. They’ve been more than helpful and are constantly improving their system — and it shows in the ease-of-use and extra features that are constantly being added. I absolutely recommend Maintenance Tracking to all operators with two or more aircraft,” says Marc.

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