Don’t Get Caught Under The Canadian Thunder

Flying in the backblocks of Canada has its challenges. She’s a big country, Canada, with big weather to match. Alfred D'Mello, OGL Engineering’s Ops Manager, says they often deal with 20 °C (68 °F) fluctuations throughout the day.

Alberta, known for…

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Spiderthoughts: Why culture beats compliance in safety

Aviation safety systems are among the most sophisticated in the world. Maybe the folks that manage nuclear stockpiles have better practices (we’re happy if they do), but otherwise aviation safety procedures are the envy of the world - looked up to and…

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How Can Your Aviation Business Improve Communications with Those Who Matter Most?

We’ve all heard the saying ‘communication is key’ — and even though it’s most frequently associated with relationships, it’s hugely important for the overall success of your aviation business as well. 

Communication hinges on shared understanding, or…

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