Flying Wildlife with Jim Wortham

Conservation and the Role of Pilot Biologists 

In the lower 48 of the United States, there are 11 pilots with a particular combination of skills. Not only are they required to have an advanced degree in the sciences, but they are required to have a…

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A Story of Survival in a Northern Wilderness

There are few places left in the world like the Northwest Territories. Stretching up past the arctic circle, it’s a Canadian province with a small population of 42,800. Yet, it reaches out to an area of 532,643 square miles. It draws in those who want…

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Spidertracks and the Silver Spitfire - Circumnavigating the Globe on a World-First Journey

On October 24th, 1943, the MJ271 Spitfire began her life and journey, and flew over 50 missions during World War II, with pilots originating from Australia, Canada, Norway, Trinidad and the United Kingdom. On August 5th, 2019, almost eight decades…

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Taking to the Skies with Hillsboro Heli Academy

In 1980, Hillsboro Helicopters had one Robinson R22 to their name. Fast forward 20 or so years, and Hillsboro Heli Academy (HHA) now houses an impressive fleet, comprising of 19 x R44s and two R22s.

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How A Fleet of Aircraft Keeps The Florida Keys Inhabitable

The Florida Keys are made up of 1700 islands off the southernmost tip of Florida that curves between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Just above the Caribbean, they spread across 120 miles of teal blue waters and have an average temperature…

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Spitfires, Choppers, and Castles: Dan Mercer's Incredible Round-Britain Flight

Fanging it just 20m above the sea’s surface in a Spitfire, and travelling at a cool 250knots doesn’t really rate as responsible flying. Doing it through The Needles on the Isle of Wight? That is exactly what Dan Mercer did.

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A History-Making Canadian Circumnavigation: How Spidertracks Helped C150GO Safely and Successfully Fly Around the World

In December 2015, amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Steve Dengler and his father Bob sat down to plan what they later named the C150 Global Odyssey (aka C150GO) — a circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter, flown by Canadians in…

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More Than Filling a Hole in The Sky: The Aerial Fire Fighters of the Florida Forest Service

The life of a pilot invariably provides a challenging and fulfilling career. For the aerial fire fighters of the Florida Forest Service (FFS) this is particularly so, according to FFS Aviation Manager Brian McKee, himself a fixed wing flyer. 

“It’s a…

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Yellowhead helicopters use spidertracks to improve fleet visibility

Based in British Columbia, Yellowhead Helicopters is a charter company whose services range from mineral exploration to heli-skiing, firefighting and oil and gas work. Their fleet of 35 aircraft operate Canada-wide, and have supported the forestry,…

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What are the communication technology options for your aviation business?

Reliable communication is an essential feature of aviation safety and operational efficiency - our eBook looks at the options available

When it comes to aviation communication, radio has been the standard. However at the recent Aero Friedrichshafen…

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