Meet the Team: Introducing 4 New Members of the Spidertracks Squad

We’ve grown yet again! In the past few months, we’ve added four new employees to the Spidertracks team in roles meant to further improve our product and our customer experience. We’re really excited about what these incredible humans are going to…

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Continuing to Grow: Meet the 3 New Members of the Spidertracks Team

Since our last team member update in October 2017, we’ve only continued to grow over here at Spidertracks, with each member of the team committed to our core goals: making aviation safer and solving problems for our customers.


Our latest round of…

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From Australasia to Africa: Meet the New Members of the Spidertracks Team

We genuinely believe that the most important part of what we do here at Spidertracks is the people. We’ve got 27 employees across five countries, each committed to making aviation safer and to solving problems for our customers. To better serve our…

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Meet Spidertracks Product Manager, Luke McCarthy

Spidertracks Product Manager Luke McCarthy has been with the company almost since the very beginning — but it wasn’t his plan that led him to where he is now. Luke’s trajectory changed dramatically in his younger years due to health complications.

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