Spitfires, Choppers, and Castles: Dan Mercer's Incredible Round-Britain Flight

Fanging it just 20m above the sea’s surface in a Spitfire, and travelling at a cool 250knots doesn’t really rate as responsible flying. Doing it through The Needles on the Isle of Wight? That is exactly what Dan Mercer did.

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Ready for the fire season?

Last month, July broke its own 140-year old record. According to NOAA’s dataset records, which date back to 1880, the global land and ocean surface temperatures were 1.71°F above average, making it the warmest month to date. Since June, the Copernicus…

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Don’t Get Caught Under The Canadian Thunder

Flying in the backblocks of Canada has its challenges. She’s a big country, Canada, with big weather to match. Alfred D'Mello, OGL Engineering’s Ops Manager, says they often deal with 20 °C (68 °F) fluctuations throughout the day.

Alberta, known for…

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Meet the five new members of the Spidertracks family!

With five recent additions to the team we’re well overdue for some introductions. To help you get to know them we compiled a few key details on our latest Spidertracks stars - plus we hit them with some curly questions to really test their mettle.…

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Aviation communication takes a leap forward with new Iridium® network

From the time of Spidertracks’ founding in response to an aviation tragedy, our mission has been to ensure connectivity and communication of aircraft location and situation, no matter what. It was the primary reason we originally selected Iridium as…

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Spiderthoughts: Why culture beats compliance in safety

Aviation safety systems are among the most sophisticated in the world. Maybe the folks that manage nuclear stockpiles have better practices (we’re happy if they do), but otherwise aviation safety procedures are the envy of the world - looked up to and…

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A History-Making Canadian Circumnavigation: How Spidertracks Helped C150GO Safely and Successfully Fly Around the World

In December 2015, amidst the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Steve Dengler and his father Bob sat down to plan what they later named the C150 Global Odyssey (aka C150GO) — a circumnavigation of the globe by helicopter, flown by Canadians in…

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More Than Filling a Hole in The Sky: The Aerial Fire Fighters of the Florida Forest Service

The life of a pilot invariably provides a challenging and fulfilling career. For the aerial fire fighters of the Florida Forest Service (FFS) this is particularly so, according to FFS Aviation Manager Brian McKee, himself a fixed wing flyer. 

“It’s a…

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Introducing weather overlays, new mobile apps, and more.

New features and updates to keep your people safe and your aircraft flying

At Spidertracks, we believe in safety driven development and customer-led innovation. We have some exciting updates in the product development pipeline, which began with our…

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Flight safety enhanced with smoother, more accurate tracking

Since 2006 Spidertracks has been consistently innovating with flight tracking technology that allows aviation businesses to improve safety and become more efficient, and the introduction of our Virtual FDR™ feature is another step forward.

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